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Melamine or plywood interior? A comparison

Kw Custom Kitchens is based in Kitchener, Ontario. We specialize in kitchen renovation projects, from small repairs and cosmetic improvements to complete remodels. When it comes to kitchen renovation projects, one of the biggest decisions is what type of cabinetry to choose: plywood or partial board. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account when making the decision.

Plywood cabinetry is typically the more expensive option, but the thicker veneers make for a much sturdier design that will stand up better to heavier loads. Plywood is also less susceptible to warping due to moisture changes, making it ideal for use in wet areas such as kitchens where humidity levels can fluctuate rapidly. The downside of plywood is that it may require additional structural reinforcement if being used with heavy countertops or other weight-bearing items.

Partial board cabinetry is a more affordable option and generally easier to install than plywood designs. As the name suggests, partial board cabinets are made from smaller pieces of wood that are connected together in sections rather than large single boards. This makes them easier to work with since there aren't as many individual pieces that need to be fit together during installation. However, partial board cabinets tend not to be as durable or as resistant to warping and buckling under pressure as plywood designs due to their lighter construction materials.

When considering either type of cabinetry for your kitchen renovation project, it's important to think about how much weight you will be placing on them over time and whether you need additional support structures such as braces or extra bracing around corners and edges where extra strength might be needed. Additionally, consider whether you're willing to sacrifice some durability for cost savings by choosing partial board cabinets over plywood; while both provide a sturdy cabinet design capable of holding plenty of weight, plywood will last longer under heavier loads while partial board may not hold up quite so well over time depending on usage habits. You should also consider any local building codes or regulations that may relate directly to which type of materials can be used in your area before making your choice - both plywood and partial board cabinets must meet certain standards set by local building authorities before they can be installed safely and securely within your space.

At KW Custom Kitchens, we understand that choosing the right type of cabinetry for your home can be a difficult process. That's why our team of experienced handyman professionals are here to help guide you through the decision-making process, providing honest recommendations and advice based on your unique needs and budget. We offer both plywood and particle board cabinets to ensure you get the best quality for your renovation. Contact us today for more information about our services, including kitchen cabinet installation in Kitchener! Liked this article? Check out Browning Craftsman Services: Demystifying Drywall a Handymans Guide To Patching and Repair

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